Saturday, 28 March 2015

"How to be Bohemian"

Whenever I think of Bohemian styling all I can picture is beautiful patterns and amazingly bright colours. It's a style that I love- so I thought I'd continue my series after "How to be a Parisian" with a Bohemian follow up.
Some great websites for Bohemian clothing include:
- Urban Outfitters
- Tree of Life
- Free People

1) Patterns

Some of the most beautiful patterns are incorporated into Bohemian fashion. They really help to make you stand out. You can't be afraid of mixing the patterns to achieve a true Bohemian style. 

2) Colours

Colour plays such an important part in nailing the Bohemian style. I'm afraid monochrome won't cut it, so experiment with colour. Dont be afraid to mix clashing colours - it's your own interpretation so just roll with it.

3) Loose Fitting Clothes

The trademark of Bohemian style seems to be loose fitting clothing. Your clothes need to allow you to "breathe" - light an airy is the best way to describe it. Be comfortable and free in what you wear. 

4) Lace and Tassels 

These two seem to shout Bohemian. They can both be beautifully styled and come in a variety of shapes and colours depending on your personal taste. 

5) Accessories

There are SO many accessories in Bohemian styling. From bracelets and necklaces to gorgeous hair pieces (including flowers - sometimes real ones). Don't be afraid to go OTT with your accessories to achieve that amazing Boho look. 

Here is some more style inspiration for Bohemian clothing...


Friday, 27 March 2015

Staple Pieces Every Girl Needs

1) Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are such an amazing staple piece to have. I've had my leather jacket for about two years now and it is one of my most worn items. They are so incredibly comfortable an stylish - and come in a variety of styles, colours and prices. They're great to layer with in winter and can still be worn when the weather starts to get hotter. They are the perfect item for any wardrobe. 

2) Jeans

It was obvious that jeans were going to be on this list. I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Just like leather jackets, jeans come in various colours, sizes, styles and shapes. Some with rips, tears and embellishments - others super skinny or big and baggy. There is the perfect pair out there for everyone. They are so easily styled and can be worn any time of the year. 

3) Black Heels

This one might be aimed a slightly older girls, but you definitely cant go wrong with a comfy pair of black heels. The could be used for work or just making a casual outfit look that extra bit more. They don't have to be skyscraper heels (unless you're a pro at strutting and ignore the pain :) ) just a comfy, understated pair will go a long way. 

4) Sports Label Crop Top

It might seem very "tumblr" but comfy crop tops from brands like Adidas or Nike can look extremely stylish and put together depending on what you wear them with. A pair of sweats for indoors and ripped jeans/ high waisted denim shorts for going out. Definitely a piece worth getting. 

5) Black Bag

Black bags are literally the best. They go with everything and can hold as much as you need (depending on the size) - prices can vary depending if you're going to splash out on a designer purse or just one from a highstreet store.

6) Roll Neck

I cannot describe my love for roll necks. They seems to go perfectly with any outfit and look really sophisticated on. There are so many to chose from - t-shirt style or jumper material. They are versatile and great for all seasons. 


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Beauty Post : Max Factor

I was given these makeup products by my cousin and I love every single one of them. I used them all for a full days shopping today - the quality and longevity of the products is amazing! They are all brilliant for the spring and summer months.
> The mascara gave me incredible volume.
> The blush was pink with slight flecks that added an almost highlight to me cheeks.
> The Excess Shimmer pot - I wore this on my eyes and it was so beautiful. Not too gold in colour but still shimmered under the light.
> The lipgloss wasn't stick at all, THANK GOODNESS! The colour pay off was great and didn't feel heavy at all on my lips.
> Finally, the nail polish looked almost rose gold in some light, and then a much paler pink in others - so pretty for summer.


Saturday, 21 March 2015

My Style : Brown Skirt Part 2

This is another look I've created using my brown skirt. It's comfy yet looks stylish and can be altered depending on your favourite skirt. Thank you to everyone who views my blog!

Top : Matalan
Jacket : Bank


Friday, 20 March 2015

Style for Less : Kylie Jenner

Kylie causes a storm within the makeup industry with her 90's inspired pouty lips. People everywhere desperately searched the combo that gave her that gorgeous look she rocked on her lips. But, its not just the makeup industry that Kylie is smashing - her style has grown up and developed over the past year. Personally, I am in love with her half dressy, half casual style and I want to share how you can recreate her look for a lot less £££'s.

I've decided to recreate the look below as its a simple outfit that can be dressed up or down or tailored to your own personal style.





Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Designer Wishlist

 I've devised a designer "wishlist" with some of my most wanted items, a girl can dream right?...
GIVENCHY Antigona Medium Soft Grain Tote £1,465

GUCCI Black stretch Viscose Dress £950

CHANEL Boy Bag £3,000+

BURBERRY Short Heritage Trench Coat £1,095

FENDI Karl Keychain $1,685

BALMAIN Striped Stretch-Knit Mini SKirt £550 

CELINE Fall 2013 Felt Slip Ons $1,000


Sunday, 15 March 2015

"How to be a Parisian"

Parisian style is famed throughout the world. Paris is full of stylish women with a keen eye for fashions and differentiality. I've devised a step-by-step guide of how to achieve the effortless style of the Parisian woman.

1) Always wear sunglasses
A large pair of sunglasses shouts chicness. Whether they're cheap sunnies or designer shades, they will really help to complete an outfit. But, please no multi-coloured lenses.

2) The Natural Look
One of the key things to achieve Parisian style isn't just in what you wear - but also what you put on your face. Keep the makeup low-key and understated, the "glowing from within" look is essential.

3) FUR Real
Fur is big in Paris (don't worry FAUX fur) It's great in the winter when it's cold, but can also be incorporated in the summer months, maybe in the form of a gilet.

4) Get the Uniform
A trend of Parisian fashion is "the uniform look". Crisp white blouse/shirt with a knee length black pencil skirt, alongside your comfiest black heels. As well as, smart cardigans, jumpers and a cute little clutch.

5) Balance
Don't over do it. If you're wearing a leopard print dress don't match it with leopard print shoes. Pick colours out from the one patterned item you're wearing and use that as a guide for colours to match it to. 

7) Stick to basic colours when you can
Keep your colours neutral when possible, and use bright colours only for that added pop. You want to look sophisticated and chic, not like a unicorn has thrown up over your outfit...

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