Sunday, 21 February 2016

Topshop Unique Spring 2016

     I don't know about you, but if I could sit FROW at any London Fashion Week show, it would be Topshop Unique (with this year having the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne in attendance). Topshop is one of the most popular high street fashion stores and their Unique runway collections demonstrate their individuality and that high fashion looks don't have to break the bank.
     There is a wide range of colour, style, pattern, material and silhouettes within this collection; showcasing how diverse Topshop's clothing is and how they have something to flatter anyone's taste.
     Some of the pieces in the collection had a male vibe to them, with blazers as well as trousers becoming a common feature. However, femininity came through with some soft, flowing materials and light pastel colours later on in the collection.
     One thing I love about Topshop Unique is that it caters to the everyday woman, unlike other runway brands. You could take some of their pieces and wear them out without having to put much thought into them. The trends and styles are clear and are easy to identify in stores - which is great if you sometimes get confused by some of the designs in designer collections.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Vera Wang Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

The start of this collection is primarily black (great for me). But as you progress further down the colour shifts to khaki and some muted tones of purple. The silhouettes are interesting and very structured with goes along with the overall feel of Wang.
Although some of the pieces aren't always practical, you can take some ideas from this collection and add it to your own personal style. Crisp black jackets (seen below) would be great paired with your favourite jeans alongside comfy stylish heels. And the soft, slouchy jumpers are ideal for everyday use, but can also be dressed up with a chunky necklace or yet again, another pair of stylish heels. 
I love the use of colour and texture throughout this collection. The contrast of pattern and flat colour makes the pieces more dimensional, especially in the cases where the items are layered. Fur items match the trend of last Fall with the fur gillets, which have expanded out into fur coats - not just in black either.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (For Her AND Him)

With Valentine's Day just around the corner and so many items to chose from, picking the right gift for your loved one can prove difficult. The pressure to buy the most expensive gift is heavier than ever, but personally I think some of the best gifts are the ones that don't require you to save and not eat for the rest of the month!

Gifts For Her...

1) Lush

Lush products are a great way to do Valentine's Day on a budget. They have so many pretty options to chose from, ranging from their iconic bath bombs (starting at around £2) to their pre-made gift sets (£30+).
You could create a small hamper style present, with all your loved ones favourite products - a great way to present it which shows a lot of thought and care, that I'm sure she'll appreciate. 

2) A Little Something From MAC...

Yes MAC is one of the more expensive make-up brands, but if you can save around £20 for Valentine's Day you'll be able to get her one of the amazing products they have on offer.
MAC lipsticks are around £15.50 for any shade and their lip liners are £12.50. I guarantee if you get her either one of these, No.1 She'll love you forever because, come on! It's MAC! and NO.2 because you have taken the time to chose a colour you think would suit her and that she would like. Us girls love that!

3) Scrapbook...

As cheesy as it is, a scrapbook is a great present idea for Valentine's day. It can be made as cheaply or as expensive as you want and shows her just how much care and attention you've put into it. You can get bulk photos printed off and stick them down accordingly. Add inside jokes into it alongside any memories you've had such as cinema tickets from your first ever time going together. 

4) Jewellery

You can never go wrong with jewellery. Yet again, this present can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. Accessorize do such beautiful, dainty pieces which are ideal for a Valentine's day gift.  Or, you could opt for something a little more expensive like Pandora. 

Gifts For Him...

1) Mug...

You can never go wrong with a "Best Boyfriend Mug" for Valentine's Day. They are a great reminder of how much you love him - you could also fill it with his favourite sweets.

2) Clothes 

Clothes are an easy way to get a gift that you'll know he'll love. You can get Nike or Adidas tops starting from £15+ that are great everyday tops that he can get a lot of wear out of. Of course you can always going for the higher end items if your budget can stretch that far. 

3) Offer Your Services...

If you're really tight for money you can always "offer your services". For the whole day you could be at his (or hers) beck and call. Make a cup of tea when he wants, give him a massage, let him watch the football. This is a great idea when you're on a budget and is something that he will definitely appreciate!

4) Grooming Set...

Grooming sets are something that every man will need but may not buy a nice one for themselves. This idea coincides with a men's facial wash, moisturiser and toner. Just because you're a bloke, doesn't mean you shouldn't look after your skin!
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