Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Burberry at Makers House

          Burberry had their first ever public fashion show at Makers House of Thursday 22nd September. My mum and I visited Makers House the following Saturday to see what was going on. When we arrived we were greeted in the most gorgeous courtyard area. Full off amazing plants, statues and busts - the weather was amazing, it lit up the area perfectly (couldn't resist an outfit picture could I)? Being a British brand in the heart of London the setting was perfect. 
          As we entered there were so many different things going on. The actual house was dimly lit but natural lighting streamed in through the windows which gave it such an authentic, rustic feeling. There were embroiders, sculptors and craftsmen all on display. The atmosphere was so relaxing, it was easy to let time slip away.
          As we made our way around we came across a staircase which led to the second floor of the house. On this floor was Burberry's new collection which had been unveiled only two days earlier! We were allowed to touch the clothes, weave in and out of them, take pictures and study the intricate designs, textures and patterns.
          As a fashion blogger I see many picture of clothes from many collections. All of which are great, but actually being able to see the pieces in real life, to touch them and admire the amazing craftsmanship truly brought me a new found level of respect for the whole team behind the collections.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

NYFW: Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection

     If the 70's, 90's and Sailor Moon had a baby you'd be left with the latest Marc Jacobs show, with the platforms and candy coloured dreds the models topped 7-foot. At first glance the pieces may seem too "far out there" especially due to the fact they've been paired with other extreme items from the collection. But, each piece individually can be fairly easy to wear. 
     I love the amazing applique, embellishment and textures throughout this collection. It seems as if Jacobs has managed to incorporate everything into one show yet still hold a form of simplicity and elegance within the clothes. Some compared his set to that of a rave, despite the clothing being much too precious to go anywhere near the clubbing scene. 
     For next Spring, predicting from this show, satins and metallics will become very popular. Patterns and textures are what it's all about and making a statement with your style. Clashing patterns were popular in the 70's and yet again are making a comeback. Whether you're going bold in terms of colour or pattern, getting out of your simplistic comfort-zone will ensure you're bang on trend for next Spring. 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ultimate Guide to Classic Designer Bags

I don't know a girl who wouldn't love to own a designer bag at one point in their life. From Givenchy to Fendi and Gucci to Prada there's so many to choose from - all with varying price ranges may I add!
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about one off pieces, but when it comes to splurging on a bag, I think the classic route is the best way to go.
Classic bags are great. They hold their style and value, many people resell their classic bags either matching its original price or sometimes even doubling it! Classic bags are more expensive than the "regular" bags, but the cost per wear makes it worth the extra money!

1. Saint Laurent Monogramme Small Leather Shoulder Bag - £1,150

I love the sizing and iconic look of this bag. Ideal for events or nights out, its small and compact but ads that edge of luxury to any outfit. Like many of the bags to come I believe this bag looks great in black, but of course if you wanted a classic bag with a little edge, this bag comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

2. Louis Vuitton Capucines MM Bag - £3,500

Now this bag is priiicccceeeyyyyy. But its a newer classic which I believe only released last year. There are different sizes, (the above being the medium option) so the prices do vary. However, it's such a beautiful bag. The inside is meant to be spacious and it holds it shape and wears well. The material means that you can't see marks easily. Yet again there are many colours to choose from. But for it to be a real classic, black and beige are what you should go for,

3. Chanel Boy Bag - Prices vary (£1,000+) average £3,000

Whenever I think of the words "class" or "classic" Chanel is a brand that automatically comes to mind. From the french women who started it all off, Coco managed to produce a brand that would design some of the most iconic looks and pieces of fashion history - the Boy Bag being one of them. Chanel Boy's can be hard to get hold of, especially in the traditional black lambskin with gold hardware. However, they are out there. This is a bag that will need taking care of as it may mark easily. But, it is the symbol of elegance and will never go out of fashion.

4. Prada Saffiano Bag - £1,000+

A girl always needs a good tote which is exactly what this bag is. It holds it shape, name and style. Its great for the working woman too as you can fit your folders, papers, diary (and of course your makeup bag and hairbrush) in with room to spare! For a larger classic bag this one is for you.

Don't forget that your bag is what you make it. These are just a few bags that are classics in MY opinion. If you could rock a bright pink bag with diamantes then go girl! Also remember there are MUCH cheaper alternatives on the high street to these bags, the value of your possessions does not define your value as a person.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Daily Makeup Routine

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

BohoMoon Jewellery Review

     I'm a firm believer that jewelry can make a outfit. Even if you are having one of those basic days where all you want to wear is jeans and a t-shirt - a piece of jewelry can make all the difference. I came across BohoMoon when they followed me on Twitter. Bring the nosy being that I am, I prowled through their tweets and clicked on the link to their website. 
I was pleasantly surprised. The bohemian feel of the pieces are something that I love. Authentic and interesting. I also believe that their price point is spot on. amazing necklaces, rings and anklets, some only £5 (it was even better when I discovered their 50% off code on twitter haha).

     Some of their jewelry is sterling silver plated, I think all of their chains are sterling silver. My packaged arrived on time (3 days) and came in the gorgeous holographic paper as seen below.

     The necklaces themselves were separated by cute jewellery bags to prevent tangling. I am so impressed with the quality of the items and will be sure to purchase from them again. 
Link to website here.

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