Monday, 26 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

What was in my stocking 
 Okay, now just as a quick disclaimer this is no way, shape or form me bragging about what I got for Christmas. I like to reproduce content on my blog that I like to read - and to be brutally honest, I'm nosy and like knowing what other people got for Christmas.
Enough of that, here is everything I got from Christmas from both family and friends. I also got money for the sales which I will be going to tomorrow and I will show what I purchased in a future blogpost.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got everything they wanted - I hoped you all managed to squeeze in some quality family time too <3 - please leave below what you got for Christmas too... I'm intrigued!

Dorothy Perkins Flannel Top and Comfy Primark Socks 
Skinnydip Jellyfish Case and Starbucks Coffee Mug

Mousemat (with a picture of my kitten on it) and The Lion King (in the fancy new edition cover)

Adidas Trefoil Sweatshirt

Sparkly Cushion and New Black Bedding

My Favourite Giorgio Armani Si 100ml Perfume

Soft Leopard Print Dressing Gown

Miss Selfridge Lizzie Jeans 

Pandora "Forget Me Not" Ring

Pandora "Libra" Charm

Charm From the Boyfriend <3

*RANDOM FACT* I love these hangers from Wilkinsons - £.2.50 per 5 pk, love them in my wardrobe so mum and dad finished the rest of it off with 5 packs of these hangers!

Russell and Bromley Navy Suede Loafers

Gorgeous Smelling Body Butter and Scrub


Monday, 12 December 2016

Under £20/$20 Gift Guide for Her

Christmas creeps closer and closer which means the panic is starting to set in. If you're struggling to find a gift for that special girl (or yourself lets not play around here) which doesn't break the bank, you've come to the right place. 

1. Lush Bath Bombs 

I'm telling you, right, you simply cannot go wrong with a lush bath bomb. They smell amazing, they look cute and your girl will be so pleased that you actually went in there and chose one yourself. They vary in price but are mainly under £5 so you can mix and match whatever you like!

2. Makeup

If she loves makeup then this is a must have. Superdrug do deals near Christmas such as "3 for 2 across all makeup and skincare" which makes your life easier and cheaper. However, if you do want to splash out a little more MAC lipsticks are a win win for everyone. She's amazed that you had the balls to go into MAC and you're happy because well, let's face it - when your girls happy so are you.

3. A Date

If you're really stuck maybe do a reign check for her. Say you'll take her for a meal or to the cinema on a nice date. Some girls don't want presents but instead memories. It doesn't have to cost a lot, but I guarantee you she'll love the thought behind it.

4. Add to Something She's Already Got

Say she has a charm bracelet or she collects certain things, why don't you add to them? That way she's always remember that its from you and it hold some sort of sentimental value.

5. Make Her Something 

If you make her a scrapbook (yes it does take time and energy) I mean it when I say that she'll love you forever. It shows real commitment, thought and love to make her one of these. Collect all your favourite photos and maybe times you've been out eg. concert tickets and display them in a scrapbook. Maybe write a few private jokes or little quirks you have.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Ciroc in the City: How to Party and What to Wear

Yes, it's that time again. Party season is upon us and the urge to find an even better outfit than last year is beginning. Don't get me wrong parties can be great, but the worry of being uncomfortable, or even worse wearing the same as someone else, can make it all a little too stressful. I've come up with some tips and ideas as to how and what you can wear this festive season.

1. Little Black Dress
A classic which never seems to go out of style. The little black dress is an automatic thought with the sound of glasses clinking in the background. However, this idea can seem a little too "over-done" - you need to be able to mix it up a bit. Choose your LBD but accessorise it in a way which is a little out of your comfort zone. Go for that bright pair of heels or outrageous bag. Wear that bold lipstick or hoops down to your hips. It's the way you manipulate the accessories which makes a bid difference when it comes to the LBD.

2. Not Wanting To Wear Heels
The pressure to wear heels on a night out, for a woman, is overwhelming. We're made to think that our outfit is not complete without a pair of heels on our feet. But, it doesn't have to be like this. You can get flats which are detailed, sparkly and SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than heels. Maybe go for some that lace up your leg, or some with cut out detailing.

3. Wanting To Wear Trousers
Just because it's a part, doesn't mean that you have to wear a dress. Trousers can make your legs look elongates, streamline and very, very sexy. Tailored, flared, cropped or skinny - whatever you like best you can rock up and look amazeballs. Make sure to pair with a statement handbag or jewlerry for that extra pazzazz when you walk in.

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