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Primer helps your makeup to stay on longer as well as target problematic areas on your skin which would cause problems for your makeup later on in the day. My main issues are pores and oily skin, so I purposefully use primers which help to minimise these problems! Similar product here.

You can't have a flawless complexion if your foundation doesn't match your body. Try mixing foundations if you struggle to find your perfect shade. My favourite mixing shade is here.

This is a tip I find works best for me. I can be heavy handed, so a beauty sponge ensures that I don't end up with cake face. It also means I get so streaks and can get into all of the hard to reach places. Best beauty sponge is here!

These steps add dimension back to your face (also enhancing to give the illusion that we have the cheekbones we wish we had). Here is my favourite duo highlighter and contour palette. 

For me, highlighter is the most important part. It makes you look dewy and youthful. Regardless of age, anyone can wear highlighter. For more mature skin I recommend a subtle glow to make sure you're not exaggerating anything you don't want to! But, don't forget you can always wear your makeup however you want to. Amazing strobing kit here!



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On Friday, my family and I visited Audley End House in Saffron Walden. It's part of the English Heritage and holds amazing tranquil landscapes as well as the house itself. Places like this provide an escape for me. I find myself becoming so consumed by work, blogging, YouTube and day to day tasks,  that I forget to take time to myself and just breathe.

I have a mini obsession with keeping myself busy - although I am a very productive person this doesn't always work in my favour. I end up wearing myself down, getting ill, or mentally unstable - yes, the anxiety creeps back in if I let it. Spending time with my family in open spaces like this help to almost cleans the frustration and tenseness out of me; it enables me to regroup what I have to do and separate it from what I want to do.

Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to capture some outfit pictures ready for this post, but despite still "working" I found myself feeling the more relaxed and calm than I have done in weeks!

If you find yourself becoming stressed please, please, please just find time - (20,30,40 minutes...etc)  just to spend on yourself. Whether it's going for a drive, getting your nails done, doing a hair mask or spending time with someone you value. We are obsessed with trying to run ourselves into the ground with work and stress which does us no favours.

Mental health needs to be addressed more and sympathised with. Too many people find themselves drowning in everyday tasks and run themselves down. Those few minutes you spend each day may help to rid you of some of that stress, just like this visit did for me.



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How to Rock a Bold Lip

For some people, a bright or bold lip colour is simply out of the question. This is something I've always disregarded - I've always worn whatever I want. Friend and family have often asked how and why I wear bold colours and what gives me the confidence to do it. I thought I'd write and post and construct a video as to how I do it.

Whenever I wear a bold lip I keep the rest of my makeup minimal. Flawless complexion is what I go for alongside a clean eyelid (often using eyeliner), long fluffy lashes and a bold brow. This way I don't have to worry about my lips and eyes clashing as well as looking like I'm entering myself for a drag contest.

There are many bold colours to choose from. You have bold neutral colours such as dark browns or blacks, then bold bright colours such as blue, red, purple, etc. Just pick the one you're most comfortable to begin with. You have to remember, that whatever colour you pick, you can still use a neutral lipliner to ensure it doesn't bleed or become wonky through application.

This is probably the most important step. You have to remind yourself that you're wearing makeup to please yourself and nobody else. If someone else doesn't like it, then oh well. For me, wearing a bold lip is empowering, to me it radiates some of my personality. Yes, I love a nude, who doesn't - but sometimes its good to be fun and experiment. At the end of the day it's makeup and it washes off, to anyone who says you shouldn't wear it - f*ck them, wear what you want and what makes you happy.


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Review: Buxom Lip Creme


At first glance you can see, the packaging is gorgeous! The diamond embellishment on the top of the lid adds a glamorous touch, the bottle is of a good weight, enough to not feel cheap. I love how BUXOM is written clearly down the side of the bottle, and how the bottle is frosted. To me these little touches make it look expensive and a show piece - more than just a lip gloss. The packaging is a little bulky to keep in your purse but this isn't something that puts me off. The applicator is a great size and deposits enough product without wasting - which is essential for me as I have a habit of being a bit heavy-handed.


The formula is a cream-like texture that isn't too thick or runny on the lips. I like how it has a slight tackiness to it - for me if a lip gloss slides too much it ends up all over my face. The gloss itself is very reflective and I like that it doesn't include any glitter as on my lips this ends up looking a little tacky on me and emphasises the lines and dryness of them. It makes my lips look fuller and plumper and is great if I'm going for an overall dewy look. The formula has a peppermint tingle to it which I enjoy. May not be so great in the colder months but does a good job at plumping your lips!


I have the shade "White Russian" which is a nude, pale pink shade. With this shade there isn't loads of pigmentation which I like as I can go for a natural gloss look or put it on top of a bright shade without disrupting the colour. I'm not sure whether the darker shades are more pigmentation, but for me, this amount is just fine. I like how this colour (only slightly) lightens my lipstick underneath, or gives my natural lips a pale hue which I love!


I would definitely recommend this lip gloss to a friend. It is quite expensive, and you can find comparable lip glosses at the drugstore, however, the packaging is stunning and you're paying for that! It would be great as a showpiece, as a present for someone, or if you just want to treat yourself.


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Holiday Essentials You MUST Pack

Going on holiday has to be one of the most exciting times of the year. You've spent all that time saving up, prepping (yes that pre-holiday wax just has to be done) and now it's finally here all you have left to do is pack. But wait, you ONLY have a 20kg luggage allowance - how are you meant to fit all 8 of your essential highlighting palettes as well as those 6 pairs of heels that you probably won't wear in your suitcase?
I've come up with a list of items that I've discovered over the years have saved a lot of time, energy and space when it comes to packing. Enabling you to stay within the weight limit and still slay in your IG photos whilst you're away.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery has to be one of those things that I just possibly can't go on holiday without. I've found that if I get a few basic outfits sorted, I can wear those in the day, jazz them up with some necklaces and rings and I'm good to go for then evening. It's all about breaking away from the "daytime outfits" and the "night time outfits" and just blurring them into one.

2. Flat Gold Sandals

We try to convince ourselves year in, year out that when we go on holiday we will brave the 6inch heel the whole time we're there, when in reality we stick with our flip flops and those clearly over worn gladiator sandals. To prevent taking shoes unnecessarily I always make sure that I have a gold pair of flat sandals. They go with literally ANYTHING, look amazing with a tan, are comfortable and usually pretty cheap. Once again they can be worn day and night which is more friendly for your baggage allowance.

3. Palettes

I love taking my makeup on holiday, just because it's a little hotter than home doesn't mean I still don't want a full face. The only problem is make-up can be heavy and take up a lot of room in you baggage. My advice is to take palettes. They're more compact and offer more than one shade and often have room for a brush inside of them. They usually have a range of shimmers, mattes and a variety of colours. even if you take 2/3 palettes you're still saving so much more room than 50 individual eyeshadows!

4. Pre-Plan Outfits

Rather than an essential you must take, this is rather a tip before you go. I ALWAYS pre-plan outfits before I go on holiday. Even if you get a few evening wear styles, a couple of daytime looks then a sprinkle of t-shirts on top for luck it will help you to not over pack. It also means that you have a full look ready for when you want to go out. No more "I forgot my top, I now have nothing to wear with this skirt" - as you already pre-planned ;).

5. Decent Pair of Sunglasses

There's nothing worse than talking to someone who seems as if their eyes are closed because they forgot their sunglasses. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and can prevent wrinkles around your eyes - they are also pretty stylish. Sunglasses can complete a look so invest in some ones you like an don't forget to pack them on your trip!

Where are you going on holiday this year? Comment below or tweet me @PhoebeMoonBlog :)

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Aum / Om & It's Meaning To Me

Aum or Om how it's often spelt, is the sound made when meditation or participating in religious practices. Remember sitting with your legs crossed as a child, finger and thumb together, closing your eyes making a prolonged "ummmmmm" sound - yeah that's one.

Now one of my favourite YouTubers Carli Bybel spoke about the meaning and importance of Om in one of her videos. The description on Google states "Om is the sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Om is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and spiritual retreats."

Whilst on my holiday in Cornwall we've visited many nick-nack shops all of which sell a variety of wonderous gifts, this one however caught my eye. I remember the Om symbol from Carli's video and thought it would be a great touch to my bedroom. The mirrored effect will go nicely with my "blogger-themed" room, but the symbol itself have come to hold importance to me.

It's said that everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating - nothing is really standing still. The sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.

As someone who's suffered from anxiety and worries a lot, by having this on my wall is a subtle reminder to just top and breathe. We are so disconnected from what's around us and this small item I'll hang on my wall will hopefully allow me to become more connected.

What sound or symbol can you relate to? Comment below or tweet me at @PhoebeMoonBlog on Twitter!


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To Those Who Feel Disheartened...

The blogging world has been hit with a lot recently. Debates on Twitter about using pods, automated systems and whether or not it's right to buy your following. It seems as if we've become more separated from each other which isn't what blogging is about.

The most recent "scandal" if you like is Sarah Ashcroft's interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. Now, I hold my hands up. When I first read the article I didn't see much wrong with it, in fact I even tweeted her saying how much I loved the article - which I have now deleted obvs. My main problem was only half of the article loaded (I'm in Cornwall where good wifi is hard to come by). I hadn't seen the part where she states "there's no space for anymore bloggers".

Now, hang on a second. Let's just rewind. Every single industry has a selective group of people who "make it" whether it be acting, singing, business or blogging. There is always the people at the top or the elite if that's what you want to call them. But, this doesn't make those who aren't at the top any less valid or important.

Blogging, for many people is an escape and a way to express themselves. For me, I using blogging to be creative and escape from school. So, by saying "there's no space for anymore bloggers" is utter bs. The internet is infinite and there is always room for new talent, it helps keep things fresh and that slight competitiveness that I like.

Also, what's going to happen when the bloggers who are in their prime eventually fall? (Which they will). Yet again, this happens in every industry. Actors who become less popular and business executives who flop at a deal. Everyone's streak will eventually come to and end. That then means there needs to be a new wave of bloggers to take their place.

I have followed Sarah for many years now and always loved her images, style and the places she travels to. However, the way this this article has come across has seemed to upset quite a few people within the beauty community.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you're a new blogger please don't be disheartened by this. I've been blogging since 2014 and have not achieved any sort of "fame" at all. I restarted my Instagram (as I had dishonestly tried to get a bigger following when I was younger) and now have less than 100 followers. Does this make me any less of a blogger than her? No.

I don't know if this is how she intended the article to come across or if some of her words were twisted by the media. I know that I will continue to support her as I recognise how hard she's worked for the mini empire that she has created. However, this article is aimed more to those who are disheartened by what they've read which I fully understand.

Continue to make your content, someone, somewhere out there is reading and loving what you're doing. You go babe <3

Leave your blog link down below so I can check you out xo


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