Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Current Fashion & Beauty Favourites

1. Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare Range

The vitamin e range from Superdrug is a wallet friendly line which consists of everything from cleaners, to moisturisers, to deep treatment masks. I wanted to become more consistent with my skincare, and due to the amazing prices (with 10% student discount too) I couldn't help put pick up a few pieces.
I got the serum and leave on mask and have to say, I'm quite impressed. The packaging is pretty basic but the product is not compromised. There is so much choice for skincare in the market, I believe sometimes it's best to just keep it simple. I have been using these products for over a month now and can vouch for how well it's improved my skin.
My skin in hydrated without being overly oily or greasy, and has become a lot clearer - despite my quite frankly poor eating habits aha!
I will definitely be purchasing more.

2. River Island Chunky Boots

I have been after a pair of chunky heeled boots for a while now. one's that would go with pretty much everything, be comfortable and yet still not majorly expensive.
On my birthday weekend my mum and I went shopping up London when I came across these gorgeous boots in River Island. They are plain black with a gold detailed zip up the back. They are super comfortable and they look great paired with a skirt and jumper.
They were £42 which is definitely more expensive than I was aiming for, but the quality and design is there as well as the comfort.

3. Pull & Bear Basic Tees

I'm always after basic tees which I can just throw on yet still look like I've made an effort. These tops from Pull & Bear I picked up in the same trip as the boots and I love them! They have a variety of designs (I picked up 3).
I like how the neck is tight and not baggy and the material is really soft. They were £4.99 each which is a price that cannot be argued with. I can't wait for them to bring out more designs.

4. BH Cosmetics Brushes

If you've seen any of my YouTube videos you will know that I've survived with the same 5 brushes for 2-3 years now - lol don't judge. But I recently purchased two different sets of brushes (one eye set, one face set) from BH Cosmetics and OMG MY LIFE HAS CHANGED.
Not only are these brushes super soft, they also don't make my makeup-up patchy in any way. They blend everything out perfectly and make my makeup look super flawless.
I love the variety of brushes you get. They are cheaper per item than Morphe and can be purchased from BeautyBay's website.

5. Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks

Due to my severely dry lips I have never ventured into the liquid lipstick world. However, I recently bought two Barry M liquid lipsticks and I swear... I'm converted.
The two colours I have are gorgeous. Yes, they are drying buy nothing a little lip balm or gloss over the top can't fix.
I love how they aren't flaky or patchy and they last an amazingly long time (through several cups of tea and lots and lots of food).
I want to get all the other colours and have seen that they have metallic too :).

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mixin' Knits - Stylish Knitwear - Part (2)

Hey guys, welcome to my second edition of Mixin' Knits. here I am trying something a little different by incorporating some lighter denim to try and change things around a bit. I usually go for darker denim in the winter (typical aha) but I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and go for lighter denim, but still AW17 appropriate.
I love this cold shoulder jumper from Rebellious Fashion. I find I don't wear this colour enough yet find it compliments my skin tone and hair in a way that darker colours do not.
The denim is H&M (I had to buy a size 14 thanks to their dodgy sizing) but I do really like this light wash denim colour.
To tie the outfit together an make it more winter orientated, I used this cowboy belt from Dorothy Perkins.
TIP: to finish off the look you could put a black leather jacket draped over your shoulders for an ultra chic look.

H&M Jeans: http://shopstyle.it/l/nxch
Belt (similar): http://shopstyle.it/l/nxcy
Jumper: rebelliousfashion


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Mixin' Knits - Stylish Knitwear - Part (1)

It's been almost a month since I've posted and it's clear to say that I have missed uploading on both my blog and YouTube channel. I decided to take a step back as things were getting a little too much for me to cope and I needed some breathing space - something which everyone needs to do from time to time.
However, I'm back now and introducing this mini series called Mixin' Knits - a place where I show you new knitwear which I have bought and how I style it!
I find some knitwear can look frumpy, boring and plain, however, this mini-series is where I will show you how I give my knitwear a new lease on life by styling it up in different ways.
I love using the same style but changing smaller things in my outfit to give it a twist depending on how I'm feeling that day.
I hope you enjoy this mini-series!
In today's feature I am styling this gorgeous off the shoulder jumper I found in MissGuided. The texture of this knit is amazing, super soft - and it reflects light in different ways due to the fabric giving a great textured effect.
I have paired it with some leather look skinny trousers which I found in Primark for only £13! This is a great outfit for going out and can easily be dressed up.
TIP: If you want to add an extra something, get a black halterneck lace bralette to wear underneath, so it peaks through the off shoulder jumper!

MissGuided Off Shoulder Jumper: http://shopstyle.it/l/l6lo (only £18!!!)
Primark Leather Look Trousers: Unavailable Online (£13 in store)
River Island Black Zip Boots: http://shopstyle.it/l/nwYN


Monday, 16 October 2017

My Birthday Weekend Away

Here are some photos of my birthday weekend away with mum. We went up to London on Friday 13th, stayed at The DoubleTree by Hilton (West End) which is amazing and I highly recommend staying there if you get the chance. We went to the Real Greek in Covent Garden and had a Prosecco Bellini (as you can see below), and went to watch Mamma Mia at the theatre which was hilariously brilliant.
On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel, then went shopping along Oxford Street and Oxford Circus. I will be doing a haul of all my birthday bits so don't worry you will get to see those! Here are a few pics from my weekend away...


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Body Image and Fashion

I'm generally a UK 8. However, I range from a 6-10 depending what shop I'm in. This wide scale of sizes for my one body creates a lot of confusion when shopping for clothes. I accept what my body looks like and 90% of the time have no problem with it. However, for someone who has body confidence issues, the fact the size clothing they wear ranges from 3 sizes can make them feel even worse about themselves.

There has been some progress in the last few years of no size 0 models, more clothes for "plus sizes" and more emphasis on body acceptance and love. However, models shouldn't just be a size 2, they should represent the society they're in. Shops shouldn't have "plus size ranges" just more sizes in the ranges they already have. And magazines shouldn't preach about loving your body then have an article on the next page about another fad diet and losing weight.

I love fashion and the industry. I love the amazing people I've come across through their social media. But seeing so many different people, all different shapes, sizes and confidence has really opened my eyes to the struggles people face when it comes to their body image.

Just because you're a UK 18+ doesn't mean you should have to ask the girl in the store where the plus size section is? Why does it need a specific title. We don't have an "average" section do we? It doesn't make sense why we have to categorise people based on whether they're average or not.

In terms of self confidence, you should NEVER not feel beautiful. I'm sure you see things like this all the time about accepting yourself and loving yourself but it is so true. Yes, some of my tops are a UK 6, that still doesn't stop me hating the fat that's on the bottom of my stomach or the dimples and cellulite on my legs does it? People think just because you're a certain size means you'll be happy and you wont!

At the end of they day you have to be comfortable with yourself. YES! Wear that tight dress or that crop top. Who cares what you can see as long as you want to wear it and are comfortable then please go for it. I feel more inspired by someone who is confident in their outfit rather than someone who's covering up because they're worried what people might see.

Just know that whatever you wear, how you wear it or why you wear it, as long as you feel like a QUEEN that's all that matters <3.


Monday, 2 October 2017

Why I'm Refusing to Fall into Seasonal Trends

Beauty and fashion carry trends with them every year, which often follow the same pattern. Spring and Autumn are known as transitional seasons, Summer is a time for bright, bold colours and Autumn is time for berry tones a pumpkin spiced lattes. I find myself unintentionally falling into these trends every year, wearing the same types of clothes just slightly different designs - and if I'm honest, I'm kind of bored of it. I'm not saying I'm going to start wearing strappy camis in winter and my fluffy scarf in summer. But, I will be taking a different approach to my style.

I'll start with my makeup. I've been loving my NYX Ultimate Brights Palette which features some gorgeous colourful shades which I have been experimenting with on my eyes. It occurred to me that I bought that palette at the beginning of August, and with October just starting, I'm not ready to put it away just yet. I want to incorporate some of those "summery" colours into my Autumnal wardrobe and still be so-called on trend.

I think the main issue stems from the retailers themselves. If you walk into highstreet stores in the autumn, you are greeted with an abundance of camel, black, grey and beige tones. All colours I love, but admittedly get bored of wearing. I've noticed many online retailers such as MissGuided and PrettyLittleThing have broken away from this slightly. Last year I was close to purchasing a bright pink aviator coat online, I just didn't have the confidence to wear it.

This year I'm going to try change that and would love to see examples of other bloggers doing the same. If you have tips for breaking away from mainstream Autumnal trends please let me know!

I'm saying all of this, but yes I will still be wearing my MAC Rebel lipstick and my black denim jeans most of autumn, but also finding little ways in which I can make my style that little bit more interesting.

BUY PALETTE HERE: http://shopstyle.it/l/jcrS


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Women of Colour and Beauty

So, you can probably tell that I myself am not a woman of colour (I barely have any colour let alone being a medium to deep dark skin tone aha). I've been watching a variety of different Youtubers and reading blogs from a large demographic of people to know how diverse our community is. Now, one thing I've noticed - especially when watching people such as Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright - is not a lot of makeup companies cater for women of colour. Now why is that?

I know that when I'm extremely pale I find it so difficult to find makeup that matches me. It's frustrating seeing everyone else trying out cheap or amazing products only for them not to match me. I can imagine this being the same for WOC... only you have it worse.

I don't understand why a whole section of people are left out in the beauty market. From my understanding brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills have tried to be as inclusive as possible but there is still a large amount of people left out.

Nyma Tang is a beauty Youtuber who has the deepest most beautiful skin ever! I've only been subscribed to her for a few months but love her videos as she highlights how difficult it is for people with a skin tone as deep as hers to find beauty (mainly complexion) products that works.

When researching products for the darkest of dark complexions I came across a few brands that I haven't heard of IMAN Cosmetics, Black Opal, Black Up. I just find it a shame that you'd have to go to a more indie brand to get what you need let alone want!

With the recent release of Fenty Beauty, it's been shown that having an extensive range of foundation shades can be done. It's just the questions as to why haven't other brands done it and why has it taken this long?

I just wanted to write this post to show that I recognise that there is an issue here with  the variety of colours and tones available. As we become more connected there is such a variety of skin tones which should be catered for. People with numerous different mixed ethnicities, providing a wide range of beautiful skin tones. No wonder brands find it hard to cater for all. I just think there needs to be more recognition for those at the very end of the spectrum. What's your opinion on this topic?

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